Foster homes are a wonderful alternative for some of our rescue pets who would thrive and grow best in a calm, tailored environment.

* Fosters should be over the age of 21, with the ability to transport the animals to and from our facilities for meet and greets, and/or veterinary appointments. Fosters should live no more than 45 minutes away from our Sodo site.

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Foster Survey!

1. Check out the foster handbook on your left to see if our program is right for you. FAQ is included within the handbook. Then, fill out and submit the foster survey below! ECPR's foster program coordinator will email or call you and try to match you up with a dog, cat, or small animal.


2. Schedule and attend a meet and greet with the foster pet. Remember to bring along all of the people you live with, including resident dogs if you are meeting another dog.


3. If it's a match, fill out the foster agreement! If you rent, don't forget to let your landlord know you'll be fostering.


4. If everything looks good, the foster program coordinator will call you to schedule a Home Check. They will bring the pet, and all of the pet's food, medications, and supplies to your home. Now you're a FOSTER PARENT!


Follow-ups are usually weekly. This is the perfect time to let us know how the pet is doing, and if you need anything.

Steps To Becoming a Foster Parent

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