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Breed: Chihuahua

Age: 1.5 Years

Gender: Female

Weight: 10lbs

Size: Small

Color: Auburn

Special considerations: None

Meet Canela! This young Chihuahua is a sweetheart once she gets comfortable, and her loving personality makes her very easy to fall in love with.She can be shy when it comes to friends, but she loves her dog friends. When she decides you’re a safe person, her cuddles will melt your heart. Canela can be pretty vocal as was passed around from home to home, so she has never been able to really settle in.

Despite her small size and little legs, she loves to run around and play fetch, but when it’s time to relax, she's ready to snuggle up to her human for a good nap. Canela is very food motivated, making her easy to train. She already knows “sit” and is working on “paw.” She’s a curious and playful little dog who enjoys exploring her surroundings and engaging with her toys. Her affectionate nature shines through when she curls up next to you for a cuddle. Spend some time with this sweet girl, and you’ll have your forever Canela!

Canela is up to date on vaccines, microchipped and spayed. 

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information or to begin the adoption process.

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