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Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Weight:  8lbs

Size: Small

Color: Black and White

Peanut, the adorable Chihuahua mix, is ready to melt your heart! This little guy is the full package: irresistibly cute, delightfully cuddly, and playfully charming! While he's won the hearts of all his human friends at the rescue, Peanut may take a little extra time to warm up in new situations. He's a bit shy initially around other dogs, but with a proper introduction, Peanut could thrive with respectful canine companions. The same goes for cats and children – with the right introductions and some patience, he's sure to become fast friends with everyone he meets.

Peanut loves to play and is sure to bring joy to any home lucky enough to welcome him. If you're ready for a bundle of cuteness and love, consider making Peanut a part of your family!

Peanut is current on vaccines, neutered and microchipped.

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information or to begin the adoption process.

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