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Levi 1.jpeg

Breed: Quarter Horse Cross
Age: 15 years
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Color: Black


Meet Levi! A stunning black QH gelding who is roughly 15.1hh and approximately 15 years old. Levi’s ideal home would be with someone who has lots of horse experience, can be very patient with their training/handling and will show him kindness and love. He is initially shy and reserved, but once he fully trusts you, his silly personality shines through and he will do just about anything for you. 

Levi came to us back in March 2021 when his rescuers could no longer keep him. He was rescued from the Texas Kill Pen in October 2020, and it quickly became clear that the auction house had not been honest about his history. 

At one point in life, Levi experienced severe mental trauma under saddle that causes him not to be suitable for riding. Due to this experience, he is wary of strangers and fearful that something will happen to him. But don’t worry, our dedicated staff has worked tirelessly this last year to get Levi to a point where he has confidence and can be worked in different ways. Though we don’t think he’ll be a riding horse, the sky is the limit with the right person. Levi has so much love to offer and truly wants a person of his own who can continue his training and make him the best possible version of himself. 

His person will need to be ready to provide comfortability around the farrier, as he does get nervous and must wear front shoes. Ample turnout with only geldings is a must! Levi can be quite the ladies’ man, so turning out around mares is not ideal but he sits at top to middle of the pecking order in a herd and has been turned out full time. If you are looking for a project that will be truly rewarding and a jaw dropping pasture pet, Levi is for you!

Levi has found his forever home!!


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