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Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse Cross
Age: 7-9 Years Old
Gender: Female
Size: Large
Color: Palomino



Meet Tawny, a 14.3hh Palomino Rocky Mountain Horse cross. Tawny is around 7-9yo and came to us from the Enumclaw Auction. When we got Tawny she was completely emaciated, abused and unhandled. She had no trust in people, she was shut down and afraid of everyone. Over the last year and a half Tawny has completely turned around and learned to trust people again. Now instead of running in fear she runs to greet us at the gate and has quite the personality from what we’ve seen. We’ve discovered she likes to play in the water spigot from time to time, as well as enjoy a good roll in the arena most often followed with a nap.


Tawny is very curious by nature, so with a lot of patience, she likes to discover things on her own.  She is still learning about the domestic lifestyle and needs an extremely patient and experienced handler who can keep her training and education going, ensuring a structure and routine. Once Tawny learns to trust her handler, the sky is the limit and you will have a forever partner! She has learned how to bathe, pick up her feet, fly sprays, trailers and started on light lunging.


Tawny is a complete restart and would do best with someone who has experience with unhandled horses.  She would do best in a home that is quiet and has ample turnout. Even though she loves her cushy stall to cozy up in at night, she does do well in a pasture full time.  

For more information about Tawny, please call 206-557-4661

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