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Seattle Adoptable Horse


Tierra is an approximately 10-13yo Appaloosa mare that stands around 13.3hh and came all the way from the Texas auction!

Tierra is about as personable as they come, she must be in your pocket 24/7. She LOVES to be groomed and is very fond of physical touch. She will help you with whatever chores you’re doing, whether you like it or not. She is often found ‘helping’ our stable hands with chores in the pasture, cleaning waters or using you as a scratching post. She is extremely sweet, but does require an experienced handler to show her boundaries and keep her mentally stimulated.


Tierra does best when on pasture full time but would do well in a stall/barn setting if she gets ample turn out time. Tierra thrives on consistency and would really like to have a job. We do not know her riding history, but have prepped her with all basic training so she just needs someone to take her that final step. If you're looking for an energetic and sweet mare, Tierra is your girl!

For more information about Tierra, please call 206-557-4661


Breed: Appaloosa

Age: 10-13 yrs

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Color: Chestnut

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