We have recently moved our adoption center! We are now located at 20 S Idaho Street, Seattle Wa 98134. Emerald City Pet Rescue is an appointment-only organization. Please check out our "Adoption Process" page under the "Our Animals" tab for full details!

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Emerald City Pet Rescue did a thing - we rescued a handful of horses that were in a kill pen in Texas! Not only are we excited to have saved them from slaughter, but they are sweet, wonderful horses that will soon be up for adoption in the Seattle area.

— PLEASE NOTE that these initial descriptions are just the starting point (as of 7/15/21), all of these horses need to go through quarantine, extensive vetting and evaluations prior to being available for adoption. We invite you to follow their journey from rescue to adoption right here on our blog, and on our social media! Make sure to Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram!

What we know thus far and the information may change as we learn more about them:

* Chance (chesnut with the green rope halter) is a four-year-old ranch gelding. He stands at about 15hands and he is willing, quiet, and a good mover under saddle.

* Peponita is an AQHA grey (almost white) mare with a black rope halter, Gentle under saddle.

* Safari is a grade GAITED Chesnut mare (pictured with a rider!) said to be a wonderful trail mount!

* Amisha is another grey (almost white) mare who is very sweet and kid-gentle under saddle.

* Pecosa is a flea-bitten grey mare with a light green rope halter. She is super sweet and gentle under saddle as well.|

All of these horses would be wonderful additions to any loving family! They are not available for adoption yet, but if you are interested in learning more, give us a call at 206 557 4661 and we'd love to talk to you about our adoption process. LOVE CAN SAVE LIVES!

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Posted: July 15, 2021

We love our kitties here at Emerald City Pet Rescue! We care deeply about the pets at our rescue and we want them to have full and enriching lives even as they are waiting to find their forever homes. During the day, our kitties are let out of their kennels into playrooms! Here they can run around, pounce, and interact with staff and other kitties if they enjoy doing so!

We currently find ourselves in need of new toys to keep our cats and kittens entertained and stimulated throughout the day. 

How Can I Help?

As much as we appreciate the kindness in donating toys in your possession, we are trying hard to keep everyone, including our animals, safe during these uncertain times. We would be thrilled to accept direct donations of unused toys, or we would be happy to accept newly purchased donations sent directly to us from the place of purchase.

Our Store - Emerald City Pet Supplies!

Don't forget that we have our own retail store! All proceeds go right back into the rescue to help us save more pets.

Here are a few items that we need which our store currently has in stock: 


Chewey.com is such a wonderful source of pet supplies often sold at amazingly discounted prices! Here are some items Chewey sells that our kitties would love:
Amazon will be the death of us! (We kid, we love Amazon and its vast array of items that can be shipped to our doors in 48 hours or less!) Here are some items that our kitties would adore:

Cat Teaser
Sparkle Balls
Fuzzy Mice
**Wand Toy with misc attachments
Crinkle Balls
How To Get The Items To Our Kitties:

The easiest and quickest way the items can reach our kitties is to have them shipped directly to our kitties at:

Emerald City Kitty Harbor
3422 Harbor Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126

We appreciate you all so much and we thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive friend to ECPR and to animals in need! Love can save lives!


Posted: February 23, 2021

The holidays are stressful (do you have to do a zoom call with that 'one' relative this year?) but keeping your pets safe shouldn't be! Keeping these safety tips in mind can help you avoid a pet emergency during the holiday season.

- Table Scraps: Probably the most common reason that pets end up in the ER during the holidays. We understand that people want to treat their pets, but foods they aren't used to, including fat and bones can cause diarrhea, and in some cases, pancreatitis. It's best to steer clear of slipping your dog human food under the table. Warn any guests if your pet has allergies or a sensitive stomach. You can always make them a plate of their own food and/or treats so that they feel special just like everyone else!

- Christmas tree water. This water can contain bacteria, trees can leak sap into the water, and some trees are treated with fertilizers that can get into the water.

- Poinsettias: This beautiful Christmas plant is highly toxic to our pets if ingested.

- Chocolate: Though most humans love it, it is toxic to our pets and can be very dangerous for them if eaten. Please keep this out of reach of pets as it only takes a moment for a mischievous pet to find and ingest.

- Mince Pies: Grapes, raisins, and currants are also toxic to our pets.

- Blue cheese: Yep, really! It contains a chemical, roquefortine C, which many dogs are sensitive to.

- Tinsel: Oh the fun! But it can cause a lot of damage to your pet's stomach and intestines if ingested, best to avoid them having any access to the sparkly decoration.

- Garlic, chives, and onions: All from the same family and found in a lot of Holiday dishes, but these foods can cause anemia.

- Candles: Who doesn't love the ambiance that a pretty lit candle can provide? The problem is that curious kitties can be drawn to the moving flames. They can accidentally burn themselves or knock the candles off of a counter or table. Flameless candles are a great alternative; same mood, but safe!

- Alcohol: This probably goes without saying, but it's not a good idea to share an alcoholic beverage with your pet. Emerald City Pet Supplies has many treats and beverage options for your pet. We even have Meowijuana for your kitties! There are lots of options available to celebrate with your pet safely. Ask us all about them!

Lastly, be prepared in case any of these things happen by mistake. Try and stay calm, as your fear can often cause your pet's stress level to go up as well. When in doubt, take your pet to the nearest emergency vet.

From our fur-family to yours, have a wonderful and safe Howl-i-day season!

Tips provided by ECPR staff member Lynda


Posted: December 16, 2020

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through ECPR
all of the rescue pets were wishing on stars
Stockings were hung on their kennels with care
with hopes that adopters would soon be there!

We know that not everyone is in a position to foster or adopt this year, but there are still many great ways that you can help rescue pets! We want to bring cheer to our pets this year with stockings full of their favorite things, and we need your help!

How can you participate?

1. Pick a rescue pet to sponsor! Check out our pets still waiting to find adoptive families by viewing their profiles right here on our website, or check out the ornaments on our ADOPTION TREE in our store, Emerald City Pet Supplies. (ALL proceeds from our retail store go right back into the rescue to help save more pets!)

2. Shop for some wonderful stocking stuffers such as toys and treats! (No pet food please, as many of our animals are on a special diet.) We have some great brands like Fluff and Tuff (stuffed toys that withstand a rough player!) and Zukes (low carb, low-cal tasty training treats!)

3. Checkout!

a. If you're shopping in-store, hand the items to the sales associate and they will make sure to get that item to your chosen rescue pet.

b. If you are shopping online at www.emeraldcitypetsupplies.com: check out our rescue pets here on our rescue website and pick one to buy some fun for, then note which items and for which pets. We will make sure they end up in the right stocking!

4. If you are shopping in-store, take home an ornament with a photo of your sponsored pet put on your tree!

Help us make this Holiday season a memorable and happy one for ECPR rescue pets as they continue their search for a forever family of their own!


Posted: December 09, 2020