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Annie & Rocky

Annie & Rocky

CC & LuLu

CC & LuLu

Hank & Ginger

Hank & Ginger

Sometimes, two pups can be better than one! Or at least, that can often be the case with bonded dogs in the rescue system.

Being housed at a shelter or rescue can be a very uncertain experience for a pet. There are many reasons why a pet may end up in a shelter/rescue, but often, they have lost a family and a home, and they don't understand what happened or why. 

Sometimes a bonded pair of dogs will come to us having relied on each other in a previous home, while other times, they may have bonded in a foster home or even at the shelter itself. When we notice that a pair of dogs lean heavily on each other for love and support, we want to ensure they continue to have that support throughout their lives. That's why we adopt them out together!

Why should you consider adopting a bonded pair?

Adopting a bonded pair can ease the adjustment of the animals into their new environment because they have familiarity with each other.

They have a built-in playmate they're already familiar with, which can reduce destructive behavior in the home.

Since they have each other, they are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety as they adjust!

ECPR currently has three pairs of bonded dogs that are waiting to find forever homes. By considering adopting a pair, you are ensuring that they will not be separated and they can stay together for the rest of their lives. That's a wonderful gift! In return, they will grow together with you as they adjust, and they will have each other for additional reassurance as they learn your routine. It's a win-win for all!

Annie and Rocky are a friendly and easygoing pair, one being a mini poodle and the other a terrier mix. They are low-key and love to snuggle; a short walk or two a day is all they need to stay content. 

CC and LuLu are a pair of Chihuahuas that bonded in their foster home, and we just knew by the love they have for each other that they would be devastated to be separated. They love to cuddle together and go on tandem walks!

Hank and Ginger are so precious! Hank is very protective of Ginger and constantly checks on her to make sure that she is okay; such a dedicated boyfriend!! They can be a bit timid around a lot of noise, so they are hoping for a mellow home that can help them build their confidence. 

Please give us a call at 206 557 4661 to learn more about these precious, dedicated pups waiting to find security and love in a forever home together.

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Posted: February 24, 2023

It's National Pet Day! Here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we give all of the rescue pets lots of snuggles every day, but today, we're trying hard to squeeze in just one more so that they know how truly special they are. We know that their forever homes are out there somewhere, just waiting to find them!

Every month, we choose an adoptable dog, cat, and critter to feature as Pets of the Month. This National Pet Day, we would like to highlight these cuties, and ask that you spread the word in your community -- every bit helps to assist us in finding the perfect forever home for these pets!

Meet our Dog(s) of the Month, bonded pair Oppie and Wiley! These two are true best friends who have playful and affectionate personalities. They both love attention and warm up quickly to just about everyone they meet. Oppie and Wiley walk beautifully on the leash and get along with other dogs and confident cats. Wiley plays fetch with herself and Oppie thinks he is a lap dog. They would thrive in a home with a fenced backyard and children who have big dog experience. Learn more about Oppie and Wiley: https://www.emeraldcitypetrescue.org/our-animals/dogs/oppie-and-wiley/.

Our Cat of the Month is a very special kitty who is available as a forever-foster. What does that mean? Nickel is searching for a loving home where he can live out the rest of his days, but Emerald City Pet Rescue will continue to provide for his unique medical care. Nickel has a heart murmur, and takes medications and injections for hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, and anemia. As an older senior, Nickel prefers peace and quiet rather than lots of activity; his favorite things include curling up on heated beds and being softly brushed. In the past, he has coexisted peacefully with respectful cats and small dogs. Due to his fragility, Nickel would do better in a home with no children. Learn more about Nickel: https://www.emeraldcitypetrescue.org/our-animals/cats/nickel/.

Last but certainly not least, our Critter of the Month is Sapphire, a chinchilla! Sapphire is three years old and he weighs four pounds. He is a very social, curious, and adventurous chinchilla. He is very sweet, and quick to warm up to new people. He is quite comfortable and happy in his large habitat. He has not lived with other chinchillas before, but he could potentially be introduced to a resident chinchilla. Sapphire must be an indoor-only chinchilla. Learn more about Sapphire: https://www.emeraldcitypetrescue.org/our-animals/critters/sapphire/.

If you're interested in adopting any of these wonderful furry friends, please give us a call at (206) 557-4661.

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Posted: April 11, 2019

More and more people are turning to rescues when they decide to add a cat or a dog to their families, but did you know that rescues often have smaller critters available for adoption, as well?

Meet Sapphire, an adoptable chinchilla here at Emerald City Pet Rescue! This cute little guy is three years old, four pounds, and a whole lot of fun! He is social, sweet, and quick to warm up to new people. Sapphire has not lived with other chinchillas before, but could potentially be introduced to a resident chinchilla. Sapphire must be an indoor chinchilla.

Aside from the obvious fact that chinchillas are adorable, we'd like to offer you some fun Chin-formation!

  1. They have a longer lifespan than a lot of other small, furry friends. They can live into their teens and some of them live up to 20 years. If you're thinking of getting a chinchilla as a pet, this is important to keep in mind because it is a long commitment!

  2. Chinchillas have a wide range of vocal sounds, and they can make different sounds in different tones. They enjoy communicating, so it's very fun to get to know your chinchilla and slowly familiarize yourself with his or her individual sounds and learn what they are trying to convey.

  3. Chinchillas have special fur for a reason! In the wild, their fur has helped them survive in freezing temperatures at elevations up to 16,500 feet! It's important to note that due to being equipped for colder weather, a chinchilla cannot survive in temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To make sure your pet chinchilla does not suffer heat stroke, be very mindful of the temperature of his or her environment!

  4. While chinchillas are often lumped into the same "small and furry" group as rabbits, they are quite different in many ways. Chins are actually more closely related to guinea pigs and porcupines. Their dietary needs are also quite different from rabbits, so before deciding to adopt a chinchilla, please chat with your vet about a proper diet for your chin!

  5. While a lot of chinchillas that we see as pets come in a blueish-greyish color (the dominant fur color,) in the wild, some chinchillas have yellow-gray fur. Some even have beige, white, or ebony coats!

  6. Chinchillas may nip if they are handled inappropriately. They can make great pets for older children, but they must first get used to being handled. It is recommended that an adult supervise their children with a chinchilla until they are confident that the child can properly handle the chinchilla without the chin feeling stressed.

Chinchillas are fascinating creatures, and we are already in love with our adoptable guy, Sapphire! If you are ready to add a chinchilla to your family and you are interested in meeting Sapphire, please call Emerald City Pet Rescue at (206) 557-4661.

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Posted: March 18, 2019

The employees and volunteers here at ECPR try not to pick favorites. Key word, TRY! But none of us can deny that sometimes, certain pets will touch our hearts in specific ways. When that happens, sometimes we choose to foster, sometimes we choose to adopt, and sometimes we just do everything we can to help that animal find their ideal home.

Chewey, a chihuahua/dachshund mix, has been with us for nearly two years. He is a wonderful dog: sweet, energetic, eager, smart, adamant about getting attention, and more!


When Chewey first came to us, he had suffered an injury called IVDD, or Intervertebral Disc Disease.

IVDD is a condition in which a disc develops a problem and the material inside escapes into the spinal column, ultimately causing pain, nerve damage, and even paralysis. The condition is seen more often in dogs than cats.

When Chewey came to our rescue, we made sure he got the corrective surgery that he needed for his IVDD, but then, it was up to us, and Chewey, to see how far he could come in his rehabilitation.

Chewey began his recovery with the use of a wheelchair.

Click here to see a video of Chewey previously zipping around in his chair!

As soon as Chewey realized he could scoot around at warp speeds and keep up with his doggy-friends, he was as happy as a clam. We were grateful that we could provide him the tool he needed to get around like any other dog, but we also knew that his recovery was not over.

Our passionate, dedicated staff began daily physical therapy with Chewey, and slowly, he began to move his back legs and regain some mobility.

Then, in stepped one of our amazing volunteers, Linda. Linda does one of the hardest things to do in rescue: she fosters dogs in need, helps to heal their wounds whether emotional or physical, and then finds the strength to let them go when they find their forever families. She decided that she wanted to take Chewey home for a weekend just to give him a break from the rescue environment, but it didn’t take long before she declared that she and Chewey were in it for the long haul until he gets adopted.  She quickly learned all that she needed to know about his disease, and how to help him with his recovery.

To our absolute amazement, Chewey has made LEAPS AND BOUNDS of progress with Linda! Chewey has regained a lot of movement and feeling in his legs, and he can now go on walks unassisted, even getting up and down curbs all by himself! Every day, Chewey grows stronger.

Click here to see a video of Chewey NOW!

IVDD can be unpredictable in just how much recovery is possible, and the severity of the injury is different with each animal. We didn’t know if Chewey would ever regain motion in his legs, so to go on a walk with this little guy and see him happily and confidently keeping up a brisk pace walking all by himself brought tears to many of our eyes. The dedication that Linda has shown Chewey, and the progress Chewey has made, reminds us of our ECPR mantra, Love Can Save Lives!

Chewey has come farther than any of us thought possible, but he is still searching for his perfect forever home. We know that his ideal family is out there waiting to find him! He has so much courage and an endless amount of love in his heart. To steal a quote from Marley and Me, “Give him your heart, and he’ll give you his.”

To learn more about courageous, loving Chewey, give us a call at (206) 557-4661.

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Posted: February 25, 2019