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Annie & Rocky

Annie & Rocky

CC & LuLu

CC & LuLu

Hank & Ginger

Hank & Ginger

Sometimes, two pups can be better than one! Or at least, that can often be the case with bonded dogs in the rescue system.

Being housed at a shelter or rescue can be a very uncertain experience for a pet. There are many reasons why a pet may end up in a shelter/rescue, but often, they have lost a family and a home, and they don't understand what happened or why. 

Sometimes a bonded pair of dogs will come to us having relied on each other in a previous home, while other times, they may have bonded in a foster home or even at the shelter itself. When we notice that a pair of dogs lean heavily on each other for love and support, we want to ensure they continue to have that support throughout their lives. That's why we adopt them out together!

Why should you consider adopting a bonded pair?

Adopting a bonded pair can ease the adjustment of the animals into their new environment because they have familiarity with each other.

They have a built-in playmate they're already familiar with, which can reduce destructive behavior in the home.

Since they have each other, they are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety as they adjust!

ECPR currently has three pairs of bonded dogs that are waiting to find forever homes. By considering adopting a pair, you are ensuring that they will not be separated and they can stay together for the rest of their lives. That's a wonderful gift! In return, they will grow together with you as they adjust, and they will have each other for additional reassurance as they learn your routine. It's a win-win for all!

Annie and Rocky are a friendly and easygoing pair, one being a mini poodle and the other a terrier mix. They are low-key and love to snuggle; a short walk or two a day is all they need to stay content. 

CC and LuLu are a pair of Chihuahuas that bonded in their foster home, and we just knew by the love they have for each other that they would be devastated to be separated. They love to cuddle together and go on tandem walks!

Hank and Ginger are so precious! Hank is very protective of Ginger and constantly checks on her to make sure that she is okay; such a dedicated boyfriend!! They can be a bit timid around a lot of noise, so they are hoping for a mellow home that can help them build their confidence. 

Please give us a call at 206 557 4661 to learn more about these precious, dedicated pups waiting to find security and love in a forever home together.

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Posted: February 24, 2023

Here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have a soft spot in our hearts not only for pets in need, but also for pets who have some extra challenges; either physically or emotionally.

Arcata came to us nearly a year ago from a rough background. She'd had lots of litters of puppies, and she had a myriad of skin issues and digestive problems. She couldn't be a sweeter dog, always happy to meet new people with a wagging tail no matter what.
But it can be challenging sometimes to find the right fit for larger dogs that have a few extra obstacles. We worked on figuring out the right diet and medications for her allergies, and she even wears booties to help protect her sensitive paws! We searched for many months to find her a great home.

A while, we had an inquiry from a long-haul trucker who saw her photo, heard her story, and fell in love. It's been a process, but yesterday we were finally able to connect Arcata with her new, forever dad. It was literally love at first sight, an instant connection! Sometimes, when you know, you know. She'll be joining him on his hauls, faithfully at his side. (She has separation anxiety, so getting to be with her person 24/7 is perfect for her!) and she'll get to experience the world and go on adventures every day!

Rescue can really take its emotional toll, but matches like this keep us going. Happily-ever-after's like this remind us of why we do what we do.

We have many more large dogs, some with behavioral challenges and others with minor medical conditions that require special diets and medication, that are still hoping to find their forever families. Please don't let their challenges scare you, I have a few "medical" dogs myself and they love taking their pills in a tiny peice of cheese, easy-peasy! (Easy...cheesey?) :)

Do you want your heart warmed, too? Check out the emotional first meeting of Arcata and her new dad on our TikTok and follow her adventures on her new Instragram account!

We have lots of large dogs still available if you're looking for an adventure friend, too! Check out their profiles here.

Don't hesitate to CALL US with any questions, we would love to chat with you more about ANY of our adoptable pets! 206 557 4661

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Posted: May 19, 2022