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Johnny Rocket Goes On A Day Trip!

Johnny Rocket is a special guy. Once he gets to know and trust you he's the best friend you'll ever have; your faithful sidekick, unwaveringly loyal, your protector, your best friend. It's been difficult finding that perfect home for him though because he's the kind of guy that isn't going to love you the first time he meets you. You have to work to earn his trust, and that makes that special moment when he becomes your best friend that much more special!

Our fabulous employees don't just care for our animals' basic needs while they are here, they are very dedicated to getting to know them as individuals and proving the best care and stylized experience that they can for them.

Last weekend Johnny got to go on a day adventure with one of his favorite people! It turns out that he loves car rides and does well buckled in with his harness on. He loved watching the scenery fly by! He met a new person during the adventure and did not react, which was excellent! We realized that he doesn't love meeting new strangers in his own territory (aka his home) so introducing him to new people on neutral ground is the way to go to set him up for success. He went for a little hike and especially loved the enriching experience of sniffing everything that he could. (Dogs sense of smell is extraordinary compared to our own and scent tells them so much about the world around them!) He also did a great job learning some new commands with treat-based positive reinforcement. 

We believe that Johnny's ideal home/person is someone who understands that Johnny feels compelled to be protective within his home, but the outdoors really help him to relax, focus, and open up. He would be a great buddy for an adventurous person who has confidence and experience with dogs that can be reactive. Once you're accepted into his inner-circle, you're set for life! 

If you think you may be Johnny's forever bestie, please give us a call at 206 557 4661

- Special thanks to our staff for really going the extra mile (literally!) to learn everything that we can about the animals in our care so that we can help set them up for success in their future forever homes. Love can save lives!


Posted: March 09, 2022