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Call To Action - Cat Toys Needed!

We love our kitties here at Emerald City Pet Rescue! We care deeply about the pets at our rescue and we want them to have full and enriching lives even as they are waiting to find their forever homes. During the day, our kitties are let out of their kennels into playrooms! Here they can run around, pounce, and interact with staff and other kitties if they enjoy doing so!

We currently find ourselves in need of new toys to keep our cats and kittens entertained and stimulated throughout the day. 

How Can I Help?

As much as we appreciate the kindness in donating toys in your possession, we are trying hard to keep everyone, including our animals, safe during these uncertain times. We would be thrilled to accept direct donations of unused toys, or we would be happy to accept newly purchased donations sent directly to us from the place of purchase.

Our Store - Emerald City Pet Supplies!

Don't forget that we have our own retail store! All proceeds go right back into the rescue to help us save more pets.

Here are a few items that we need which our store currently has in stock: 


Chewey.com is such a wonderful source of pet supplies often sold at amazingly discounted prices! Here are some items Chewey sells that our kitties would love:
Amazon will be the death of us! (We kid, we love Amazon and its vast array of items that can be shipped to our doors in 48 hours or less!) Here are some items that our kitties would adore:

Cat Teaser
Sparkle Balls
Fuzzy Mice
**Wand Toy with misc attachments
Crinkle Balls
How To Get The Items To Our Kitties:

The easiest and quickest way the items can reach our kitties is to have them shipped directly to our kitties at:

Emerald City Kitty Harbor
3422 Harbor Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126

We appreciate you all so much and we thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive friend to ECPR and to animals in need! Love can save lives!


Posted: February 23, 2021