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National Pet Preparedness Month!

We all hope that emergencies won't happen to us - but natural disasters and unexpected events can sometimes catch us by surprise! Our pets are completely dependent on us for their daily care and safety, so how are we prepared to look after their needs if we suddenly find that our circumstances have changed?

Today we're going to offer some tips on keeping your pet safe in case of human emergencies.

1. Tags on collars with some basic information such as your phone number are great for just-in-case situations. Many pets that get loose are quickly reunited via the convenience of a pet tag.
But what if your pet has sensitive skin and can't always wear a collar? What happens if your pet gets loose and their collar snags on something and gets torn off?

2. Microchips! The next thing that a lost pet has as his or her armor for reunification is a microchip. Any vet clinic or shelter can scan a lost pet for a chip. *PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR PET'S MICROCHIP INFORMATION IS CURRENT if you change phone numbers, move to a new address, etc. Very important!

3. Appoint an emergency contact! This is secondary information that should be on your pet's tag, microchip, and somewhere that a person could see in an emergency such as a sticker on your fridge, *a card in your wallet*, a tag on your key ring, or even your will. This emergency contact should be aware that they are used as such. Say, for example, you were in a car accident. A card in your wallet states that you have two dogs and a cat at your home and you live alone. The hospital personnel will then be able to get in touch with your emergency contact to help ensure that your pets are taken care of until you are well enough to return to them. 

4. This is not a fun one to think about, but it's important to have a plan for your pet's future in the case of a more permanent type of emergency. If something should happen to you where you would no longer be able to care for your pet, do you have a friend, a family member, or an agreement with a rescue that would ensure your pet's safety in a permanent emergency? Do you have that stated anywhere; a will, an emergency card, your pet's secondary microchip contact?

Pets are family. Just like we would try to ensure the safety and future of human children, we need to be thinking like that in terms of our pets, as well. Let us know in the comments if you have other ideas and tips!

Next Week: Emergency KITS for pets, what to have on hand for your pet in an emergency and/or natural disaster!


Posted: June 01, 2022