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Russian Kitties Update!

An aviation factory in Moscow, Russia was home to many cats who helped to keep it clear of smaller pests. In return, the factory employees cared for the kitties.
Last December, the factory was closed. Unfortunately, the cats who had dedicated their lives to keeping it clear were left behind in the harsh winter to fend for themselves.
A party of kind volunteers heard of the kitties' plight and came to their rescue. 141 kitties of all ages were found and saved! 
Unfortunately, adopting cats in Russia isn't a traditional thing to do, so they needed rescue in other locations. One of our wonderful employees heard their story and asked ECPR if we could help. Our fabulous founder said yes of course!
After arrangements were made for the cats' vetting and travel, we were so excited to welcome some saved Russian kitties into our rescue here in Seattle! 
The cats have not been used to a lot of human touch or contact, so our amazing, educated, patient, and compassionate staff have been working with the kitties at their own pace to get them used to a pampered indoor life. They are nearly ready for adoption to quiet homes looking for a kitty roommate that they can continue to slowly socialize and bond with at their pace. These are special kitties indeed and we are so excited to start finding them homes soon!
Please keep an eye on our social media for more Russian kitty updates, they will be available for adoption soon!

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Posted: June 09, 2022