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Vote Templeton For Unofficial Mayor of Vashon Island

Help Templeton become the Mayor of Vashon Island. Your donation not only counts as a vote but also supports Emerald City Pet Rescue's mission to save and care for animals in need. With your support, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of countless furry friends.

About Templeton
My name is Templeton, and, as a pig in good standing, I stand with my brothers in farms to educate people near and far about the wants and needs of farm animals everywhere. We may not be your typical pets, but we want the same things: a belly full of hay and vegetables, a good back scratch, and a little bit of your time for companionship. In the words of the great orator, Sir Hogs-A lot, “I like pig butts and I cannot lie!

About the Unofficial Mayor
Experience the exhilarating Vashon Island Unofficial Mayor Contest, where each dollar donated to a charity's candidate becomes a powerful vote. Support your favorite cause, amplify your voice, and make a lasting impact on our community. Join us in shaping the future of Vashon Island through this unique blend of democracy and philanthropy. Together, let's vote for change and uplift the charities that make a difference.



Posted: June 05, 2023