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If you have visited Emerald City Pet Rescue's website prior to March 2019, you might notice that a few things have recently changed. Okay, let's be honest, you might notice a lot of changes! That's right, our website has recently undergone an official makeover!

Emerald City Pet Rescue was founded in 2013. We began in a small room in the back of a vet clinic in West Seattle, and ever since then, our organization has experienced rapid growth! In 2014, we opened our first public adoption center in SoDo, which is also where our retail store, Emerald City Pet Supplies, is located. Don't forget to stop by and chat with our knowledgable staff about our pet food and products. All of the proceeds from our retail store go right back to the rescue to help save more pets!

We now also operate Emerald City Kitty Harbor, our cat adoption center in West Seattle; adjacent is Emerald Kitty Cafe, where you can get a great cup of coffee and delicious snacks, with vegan and gluten-free options available! Just like our retail store, all of the profits from Emerald Kitty Cafe go right back to the rescue.

We feel humbled and honored to be a part of the rescue effort. Over the years, we have rescued abused, neglected, and homeless animals both near and far. Our work extends to the local community and down to California. We have rescued animals from Thailand while working with SOI dogs, and recently, we even rescued a schnauzer from China! Our in-house veterinary hospital works to care for the medical needs of our rescue pets, and all of our amazing staff and volunteers help to ensure that our animals are comfortable and happy while searching for their forever homes.

Please feel free to check out our website to learn about all of our adoptable animals. We are so excited to continue growing as an organization, and we appreciate the wonderful support that we have received from our Seattle community!

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Posted: February 26, 2019

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we are blessed with an amazing staff who all work together with passion, commitment, and unconditional love for our rescue animals. At times, our veterinary team is faced with difficult medical cases which require dedication, creativity, and a whole lot of love and care. One such case was that of Gingersnap.

Little Gingersnap was found by a Good Samaritan by the side of the road in California and taken to Marysville Veterinary Hospital. Because of her extensive injuries, she was quickly transferred to a 24-hour specialty hospital.

Gingersnap had been hit by a car and her injuries were found to be quite severe. This pup’s extensive wounds required daily cleaning and re-bandaging, and the risk of infection was high.

Thanks to our amazing veterinary team, Gingersnap did not need to have skin grafts to help heal her wounds. Instead, they decided on the innovative choice to use Manuka honey to keep her safe through her healing process. Manuka honey has been found to destroy bacteria that could otherwise infect open wounds. It also has bioactivities that help to boost the immune response, which helps new tissue grow and repair wounds. It also suppresses inflammation. How incredible is that!? Nature is its own miracle!

Gingersnap was also found to have a fractured bone in her hind foot, and, to everyone’s surprise, she was pregnant. She was instantly put on pain relief medications, antibiotics, and fluids. An ultrasound was performed to check on the state of the puppies, and thankfully, the pups had strong heartbeats and seemed okay! Amazing!

Despite all of her injuries, Gingersnap gave birth to 5 puppies. She insisted on nursing them, and did a wonderful job caring for them until they were old enough to be adopted to loving homes.

When Gingersnap was fully recovered, she, too, found her forever home! Her family reports that she is still just as sweet as ever. She likes to play with her ball, is very treat motivated, and is “a bundle of love all the time!”

A dog like Gingersnap is a true treasure, a walking, talking reminder of why we are all a part of Emerald City Pet Rescue and the greater rescue community. The courage, heart, and trust Gingersnap has shown has blown us all away and touched us deeply in a way that none of us will ever forget!


Categories: Daily News and Happenings

Posted: February 26, 2019