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Emerald City Pet Rescue has created a $2,000 scholarship opportunity exclusively for a qualifying West Seattle High School graduating senior of the class of 2022. We selected this school to be the first recipient of this award because our founder, Vivian Goldbloom, is a West Seattle Resident and West Seattle High School is her neighborhood school. It is in honor of the wonderful Ragan D. Gantt who was a wonderful volunteer and advocate for all animals and with ECPR. The $2,000 scholarship involves a five-page essay and brief presentation to the school community regarding animal rights and rescue based on Emerald City Pet Rescue's mission statement

As a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary organization, we are passionate about animal welfare and the engagement of future generations in our mission. We believe that this responsibility and privilege of caring for the animals of our planet will become an even greater movement as we head into the future. Your generation will be handed the baton to carry on with this mission. As you consider your presentation, here are some prompts to help you develop your work. Your topic, within the realm of animal rescue and advocacy, is entirely up to you. Feel free to use research and/or relevant interviews to support your ideas.

You may use one of the following prompts or consider your own:
- How will future generations accept the responsibility of caring for the animals of our planet?
- How does the food industry look 10, 20, or even 30 years from now?
- How has the government been involved in animal rights and welfare, and how will it change in the future?
- What significant changes do you expect to see in animal medicine over the next 20 years?
- How can animal welfare advocates motivate and involve all citizens to carry out this mission?
- How has the treatment of household pets changed in the last 50 years, and what further changes can we expect to see in the next 50?
- What is the single most important issue within the work of animal rescue? Is it the concept of spaying and neutering? Is it the changes needed regarding the euthanization of healthy animals at animal shelters nationwide? What do you think?

The essay must be five typed, double-spaced pages in a format and font of your choice. The presentation can be a PowerPoint, iMovie, visual art, dance, song, or any other original ideas you may have. The presentation must be 15-20 minutes in length immediately followed by a 15-minute Q and A session with your peers and school staff. The goal is to engage your audience, to get your community thinking and talking about this mission that means the world to Emerald City Pet Rescue. 
Please use the provided rubric when designing your work. We are looking for innovators, critical thinkers, and those who have great original ideas to change the future for all animals. 

The completed essay and presentation are due on May 1st, 2022. Please send it via email to sonja.fraser@emeraldcitypetrescue.org 
The award winner will be selected and will present to your school community at a date determined by your school officials.
The $2,000 check will be presented at that time.