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Age: Adult
Gender: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
Best friend: Sweetness

Aurora is a thoroughbred ex-racehorse. She was rescued by ECPR in June of 2022. Aurora is a very healthy horse, but is unfortunately dealing with hip problems from her racing career. Aurora was deeply unhappy living in a stall, and we made the decision to let her live outside full time with our senior mares, Loni Poni, and Sweetness. Only being two and half years old Aurora still had a lot to learn about being a horse, and Loni and Sweetness were the perfect mentors for her. Since her move outside Aurora flourished, becoming a very affectionate, loving horse. She loves to spend time with her handlers, mutually grooming them and being very appreciative of a good belly rub. She is a very curious horse, and always wants to be in people's space. Her goofy side has been nurtured by Sweetness, and you’ll often find her playing in their water trough!

Arizona 1.JPG


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