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Age: Adult
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Thoroughbred
Best friend: Merlin

After being rescued by ECPR Honor was in a really bad condition, and thanks to his will to live, perseverance, and dedication from our staff, this beautiful horse was able to pull through. Now he spends his days demonstrating his passion for life and all things fun! Honor is a horse with a lot of expectations, and he doesn’t feel they’re met he will be sure to let you know. Honor keeps busy playing all sorts of games with pasture-mate Merlin, regardless of his desire to play too, he has a knack for finding scraps of fabric to throw around and play tug of war with. When he gets bored of that he’ll go and play in his water trough or antagonize the mini boys next door. But don’t let his goofy demeanor deceive you, Honor is a deeply caring horse, and he is very attuned to the emotions of the horses and people around him, and he’ll do a lot to help improve your mood. Honor is a very smart horse, and perhaps our dirtiest! He knows that every day he’ll be turned in for some sleepy grooming. And there’s nothing he loves more than being all cozy in his blanket.

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