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Age: Senior
Gender: Mare
Breed: Holsteiner
Best friend: Sweetness

Loni Poni is a senior branded American Holsteiner. ECPR rescued her alongside pasture mates Angel (since adopted) and Sweetness in late January 2022. After their owner passed away, they were left without care for 3-6 months.Loni Poni was severely underweight and covered in ticks, worms, and rain rot. She had lost her back teeth and also had Lyme disease and melanomas. Loni lacked the will to live, deep in mourning for her owner. After going to the hospital for life-saving care, she was nursed back to health, eating four meals a day, and came to the sanctuary with Sweetness in March 2022.

Since being on Vashon, Loni Poni has re-found her spark for life and has regained her health. Unfortunately, some of her health problems remain and will need to be cared for until the end of her life. Loni Poni whom has blossomed into a sweet, caring horse with a lot of love to give. She loves to spend time with her handlers and especially enjoys having her face brushed. She is often scared by new things and is working on building confidence with her handlers. She lives outside full-time with Sweetness and her new pasture mate Aurora. Whom they have taken under their wing and taught ‘how to horse.’ The three of them are inseparable, and you will surely see them getting up to all sorts of fun, whether rolling in the mud or grooming each other.

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