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Age: Senior
Gender: Mare
Breed: Holsteiner
Best friend: Loni Poni

Sweetness is a senior-branded American Holsteiner. ECPR rescued her alongside pasture mates Angel (since adopted) and Loni Poni in January 2022. After their owner passed away, they were without care for 3-6 months. Sweetness was severely emaciated, covered in ticks, worms, and rain rot, missing most of her back teeth, and her feet were in bad condition. Sweetness had lost much of her spark for life, deep in mourning for her owner. She was nursed back to health, and after a month, she started returning to her usual self before being moved to the Sanctuary in March of 2022.

Sweetness is a horse who fully lives up to her name, and her calming presence is a delight for her pasture mates and handlers alike. She is unafraid of asking for the love she needs, often backing up into people to ask for butt scratches! She lives outside full-time with Loni Poni and newcomer Aurora. You’ll be sure to find the three of them together, getting up to fun no matter the weather.

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