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Age: Young
Gender: Mare
Breed: Unknown
Best friend: All horses

This young mare came to us as a filly strutting her stuff and enjoying every bit of her long legs. Her curiosity and interest in everything usually leads to Tuscon putting a lot of different things into her mouth, clothing, hands, lead ropes, halters, and tails. Her personality is bright and sunny, much like your average toddler, and she has been taken into the big mares group of; Kahili, Velvet, Sahara, Sedona, Arizona, and Baby V, where she fits in perfectly and continues to learn how to ‘horse’. Tucson is a skilled heart thief and loves to have the spotlight on every occasion, and is sporting one of the most beautiful manes of all of our horses. She is currently working with our head trainers on being a good citizen and becoming the top of her class in manners!

Arizona 1.JPG


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