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By building awareness and partnering with like-minded organizations both domestically and internationally, Emerald City Pet Rescue hopes to expose animal cruelty around the world and advocate for the rights of all animals.

Warning: These pages may contain disturbing images of animal abuse and neglect. Viewer discretion is advised.

facts & numbers

  • An elephant is slaughtered every 15 minutes

  • Africa has lost 90% of its elephant population in the last 50 years

  • Fewer than 400,000 elephants remain in the wild

  • The largest market for illegal ivory is China, where it is considered a status symbol

  • Profits from the sale of poached ivory are used to fund terrorist groups

  • One rhino is murdered every 8 hours

  • Rhino poaching has escalated 9,000% in the last 9 years in South Africa alone

  • Fewer than 25,000 rhinos remain in the wild

  • The largest markets for illegal rhino horn are China and Vietnam, where it is mistakenly thought to have medicinal value

  • 93% of wild lion populations have been killed or died in the last 50 years

  • The African lion is in critical danger, with some researchers predicting extinction by 2020

  • Once a population of 100,000 lions worldwide, the current number is less than 21,000

  • Habitat loss and conflict with humans, such as trophy hunting and "canned hunts," are to blame for current numbers


causes we support

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