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equine & farm animals

Adoptable Equine Seattle

This process applies to our equine and farm animals. To learn about the process for dogs, cats and critters, see our Dogs, Cats, and Critters Adoption Information page

Thank you for your interest in adopting a new family member! We are excited to go through this process with you and answer any questions. Please review the information on this page IN FULL before proceeding. 

Our adoption process includes an adoption survey, meet and greet, references, and a home check to ensure the home and family are compatible with the pet’s needs and our requirements.


Potential adopters must be 21 years old or older, a US resident, and live within a three-hour driving distance of our adoption facilities.


  • Government-issued ID

  • If you rent: Copy of the pet policy or landlord verification

  • If you have a current horse or farm animal: vaccination/ deworming records (Flu/ Rhino/ Strangles/ West Nile) or medical waiver from a licensed veterinarian

  • Record from a licensed vet that there are no stallions on the premises or a medical waiver

Rescue Horse Seattle
Adoptable Equine Greater Seattle Area
Seattle Animal Sanctuary


1. Adoption SurVEY

Fill out our online adoption questionnaire here and email us about your interest at​ 


A)  If, after completing the survey, we determine that you are a potential match, you will receive a phone call to further identify the right animal for your situation and needs.

B)  If we determine we have a match for you, we will set up a time for you to come to the barn and meet the horse or farm animal.


We will email you a form link to fill out where you provide us with 3 references. Farrier, Vet, and Personal. We will call and chat with your references and make sure all is well on that end.


We will schedule a home check if all your references check out and confirm you are a good match. If you are within 45 mins of our location, we will do a home check in person to ensure there is no barbed wire, there are adequate shelters, proper and secure fencing, and enough room for the horses. If you are over 45 mins away, then we will schedule a time to do a video chat where you will walk around and show us the property.

Once these steps are complete, you will sign your adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. On our end, we will arrange a time and day with our hauler to get your horse delivered to you! One of the adoption coordinators will tag along to ensure the horse is all settled in.


Enjoy your new horse or farm friend!

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