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rescue, RehomE, OR Relinquish

ECPR rescues animals from all over the U.S., in efforts to rehabilitate and find a forever-home for each creature. Typically an animal is relinquished by the owner because their life situation no longer supports the best care of the animal, physically, financially, or otherwise. Please contact us if you have or know of an animal needing a new home, or for more information about rescue and rehoming. 

3 things to know ABOUT RESCUE / REHOME

1. The owner of the animal must be involved in the animal's relinquishment - we do not and cannot take animals without the owner's expressed permission. 

2. Once an animal is relinquished to ECPR, the animal will not be returned to the same owner or location, regardless of the animal's rehabilitation or the owner's change of situation. 

3. If you know of an animal in life-threatening distress, please call the police or animal control as a first step. 

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If you are looking for a new family member or animal companion, ECPR has several animals looking for a new forever home. Our adoption process helps to ensure that the environment and situation are best suited for both the animal and the adopter. Have a look at our adoption process, and the animals currently looking for a safe, loving new home. 

3 things to know ABOUT ADOPTION 

1. Adoption is always contingent upon interviews and site visits, to ensure that the environment is suitable for the animal. 

2. After adoption, ECPR will schedule regular check ins to ensure that the animal and the situation continue to be the best for both parties. 

3. In the event that the adopter is no longer able to fully care for the animal, for any reason, ECPR reserves the right to reclaim to animal (as opposed to the animal being re-homed, re-dopted, or relinquished to any other rescue organization). 



If only we had the space, we would love to rescue all the animals needing a safe space or more care. Luckily, there are spaces all over the local community that are safe and loving temporary environments for animals. If you have such a space and would like to temporarily house an animal, we would love to talk with you! 

3 things to know ABOUT fostering

1. While you are fostering an animal, ECPR pays for medical care and provides some preliminary supplies, while you feed and perform day-to-day care of the animal, and maintain its home environment. 


2. Presently, we only foster to locations in the greater Puget Sound area, including Vashon Island, Olympic Peninsula, and areas within 30 miles of Seattle.

3. Yes, fostering an animal could lead into an adoption situation :) And we would be happy to discuss that option with you should you decide to try fostering an animal.



Our well-fed animals produce a lot of poo, which is naturally processed, aerated, and field-aged for at least 6 months to provide a wonderful supplement to your landscape and garden. If you are local to Vashon island, come by and pick up a load in your truck. We can also suggest a delivery service should you not have a truck but would like our compost/ mulch hybrid. We ask a $20 donation (minimum) for truck or trailer pick-up or $5 donation (minimum) if you come with buckets to fill yourself.

3 things to know ABOUT our manure 

1. Our animals work year round to provide you with a nutrient rich compost/ mulch hybrid.

2. You can take as much manure as you can carry - and typically people come with a tarp lining the bed of a pick-up truck. We will load it for you with a tractor. 

3. All visits must be scheduled, so please use the email link below to get added to the list. 


Contact ECPR at Ghost Owl Farm to set up an appointment to pick up a load of our compost/ mulch. 

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