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sanctuary farm animals


Age: Adults
Gender: Sows and Barrow
Breed: Pot Belly Pig
Best friend: Each other

Charlotte, Fern and Wilbur were rescued by ECPR from a shelter in California, arriving at the Sanctuary in August 2021. Since arriving at the Sanctuary, they have received a lot of attention from our staff, and they have grown a lot. Charlotte is a big worrier, and a bit standoffish, but when you get to know her, you will see that she is our sweetest pig. Fern is a very opinionated and is quite picky about the people she connects with and is by far our smartest pig. Wilbur is a total sweetheart when you get to know him, and he loves to cuddle with his people. Being a fan of all kinds of music he’s a great partner to have a jam session with!

Arizona 1.JPG


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