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Age: Adult
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Andalusian
Best friend: Cochise

Comanche was named after our Founders favorite Breyer horse. Making his way to us from a kill pen in Texas, after a career as a wedding photography model, he arrived severely emaciated and is doing well now a few years later at our Sanctuary. He loves to stick his nose out his stall window asking for nose kisses and boops. He spends most of his day out with his gang, Mirage, Cochise, Meditation, and King running around and eating a green grass buffet. He often checks in with his handler as you lead him touching his nose to your hand or arm for a “good job” pat. He loves his bath and manicure time but mostly looks forward to the treats at the end. This sweet boy loves all people and animals with his calm, goofy and patient demeanor making him one of the first horses newcomers lead and bond with. As a typical gray, you will never find him not covered in mud and he definitely likes to brag about it.

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