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Age: Adult
Gender: Mare
Breed: Appaloosa
Best friend: Her favorite mud spot

This gorgeous Leopard Appaloosa is full of life, and you’ll be sure to know it. If you hear thundering hooves, odds are it’s Liberty taking off at full speed. This lovely mare brings excitement and energy to all of our horses, but before she starts her antics, she needs to have her morning roll. Liberty came to us from Louisiana as a joint rescue operation with 30 others, she was sunburned so severely on her face that you can still see her scars. Liberty has really bonded with our staff and other animals, especially her pasture mates: Amber, Scarlett, Kimama and Whiskey. At the end of the day, she looks forward to coming in and getting groomed, just so she can get dirty all over again!

Arizona 1.JPG


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