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Age: Adult
Gender: Mare
Breed: Quarter Horse
Best friend: Stardust

This one-of-a-kind mare is a fiery independent spirit that despite having lost use of one of her eyes, never lets anything hold her back! You can always rely on Raine having zoomies out around the pasture and kicking and rearing encouraging her other senior friends to show off with her. Joining the Sanctuary as a California Humane Society Relinquishment with her then very young daughter Velvet, both have grown so much being with Emerald City Pet Rescue and all our amazing staff. here. When in her stall this calm mare looks forward to her daily groom and you can often find any one of our staff in her stall giving her scratches and lots of treats. She’ll do anything for a crunchy cookie or cracker! She is dedicated to bringing laughter to the barn, smiling at anyone who gives her a little extra attention, or by finding the muddiest spot to roll around in!

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