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Breed: Guinea Pig

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

Size: Small

Color: Brown

Meet Mei!

If you’re familiar with Studio Ghibli, you might recognize the name of little Mei. He may not be as fluffy as a soot sprite, but he sure is cute as one!

Mei enjoys digging, chewing on toys, and having a hidey house that he can both nest in and practice his climbing skills. He prefers a hands-off approach but is always friendly. Once he starts to recognize you, he is very brave and works up his courage to take treats from your hand and will sit with you in his pen (he might even get cozy underneath your leg!). In his previous home, Mei had lots of housemates! He’s taken an interest in other piggies at the Rescue and should be able to make a good buddy to resident guinea pigs with proper introductions.

If you’re ready for a hay munching, chatty little friend, give us a call about Mei!

Mei is neutered and microchipped.

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information or to begin the adoption process.

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