We have recently moved our adoption center! We are now located at 20 S Idaho Street, Seattle Wa 98134. Emerald City Pet Rescue is an appointment-only organization, as is our secondary location, Emerald City Kitty Harbor in West Seattle. Please check out our "Adoption Process" page under the "Our Animals" tab for full details!

Adoption Process - Cats, Dogs, & Critters

Our adoption process includes an adoption survey, meet and greet, references, and a home check to ensure the home and family are compatible with the pet’s needs and our requirements.

Adoption Process

Due to COVID-19, Emerald City Pet Rescue and Emerald City Kitty Harbor adoption centers are closed to the general public. Appointments for adoption meet and greets with individual animals are being scheduled in advance.

* The process below applies to our dogs, cats, and critters. To learn about the process for HORSES and BARN ANIMALS, Please CLICK HERE.


Potential adopters must be 21 years old or older, a US resident, and live within a three-hour driving distance of our adoption facilities.

1. Fill out an adoption survey.

The first step is to conduct a survey with us via phone by calling us at 206 557 4661. We want to get to know you and your lifestyle so we can help you find the best match for your family. 

2. Meet and greet.

After completing the survey, if you are a potential match, we will either schedule a meet and greet, or place you on the animal's waitlist. The first part of the meet and greet is scheduled as a phone call with everyone who lives in the home to ensure that the pet would be a good match. If that is determined, we then schedule an in-person meet and greet. 

Please note that this process usually takes at least a few days, we are rarely able to accommodate same-day meet and greets.  

For the in-person meet and greet, be prepared to bring your entire human household (resident dogs included if meeting another dog), as well as the items listed on the Adoption Checklist.

3. Fill out our adoption contract.

If the meet and greet goes well, you will then fill out our adoption contract!

4. Home check.

Once we process your adoption contract, we will call you to schedule a home check and bring the pet to you! 

5. Enjoy your new family member.

If you have any questions along the way, Emerald City Pet Rescue is always here to support you and your family!



Adoption Checklist

  • Government-issued ID
  • If you rent: Copy of pet policy or landlord verification
  • If you have a dog: Spay/neuter and vaccination records (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Lepto), or medical waiver from a licensed veterinarian
  • If you have a cat: Spay/neuter and vaccination records (Rabies, FVRCP), or medical waiver from a licensed veterinarian
  • Contact information for 3 references (personal, professional, veterinary clinic)