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Breed: Bull Terrier

Age: 6 years

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Color: White and Tan

Snookums is a six year old Mini American Bull Terrier who’s playful, sweet and extremely smart. She enjoys snuggles and belly rubs while curling up on your lap. She also LOVES snacks (very food motivated).


While she does gets bored easily, she is very easily engaged! Her high energy can make her overly or easily excitable; she thrives with a healthy amount of guidance. Very easily engaged, she’s always down for an adventure and good in car rides (does need to be secured for drives because she will try to crawl in your lap for cuddles). When it comes to basic hygiene maintenance like getting her nails clipped or teeth clean, she’s easy.


Snookums best thrives in a home without any other animals. Her ideal family is with an adult couple or single adult with no other dogs or animals and no kids. Ideally someone who is comfortable and committed to continuing training her behavior and manners when it comes to dog reactivity and aggression. She’s very clever and smart- a great asset for being able to learn and listen. 

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information or to begin the adoption process.

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