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Age: Young
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Missouri fox trotter cross
Best friend: Elton

Amado was born in the Rescue on March 13th, 2022, he has now been at the sanctuary for 5 months. Amado had a severe under-bite and had tendon damage on his front legs making him unable to stand. He was rushed to the Hospital, where he was given special shoes for his feet, and cared for until a surrogate mother could be found. He has perfectly healed his front legs, and mostly outgrown his underbite. We hope that when he is fully grown there won’t be any signs of his birth defects. Amado is a brave, happy-go-lucky horse who rarely has bad days. He loves the company of people and other horses, often trailing them like a shadow! And when he’s not near others, you can see him thinking, just like his mom, being incredibly observant. Amado is still working on his manners; he is learning a lot from our other horses and our trainers. He moved to the sanctuary for five months, and during that time he formed a close connection with pasture mate Galaxy and Elton

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