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Age: Adult
Gender: Mare
Breed: Haflinger
Best friend: Whiskey

Bonded to Whiskey, these two have been inseparable from the start! Rescued from a Texas kill pen, these 2 have made many steps in their journey, expanding their herd at the Sanctuary, by accepting Liberty and Scarlett, they are often seen shoulder to shoulder in the pasture grazing or looking over the fences into other animal’s areas, including the pigs, goats, and trying to convince Sammi to play! Whenever a handler enters her pasture, she has to greet everyone and get a good scratching! She loves to be groomed and looks forward to her nightly grain. Amber is often the teacher’s assistant helping new handlers how to lead, groom and free lunge in the arena, she is often super proud of her students and helps them become their best!

Arizona 1.JPG


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