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Age: Adult
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Belgian Draft
Best friend: Merlin and Honor

When first brought to the Rescue from a kill pen, this giant Belgian was severely depressed and mourning the death of his brother in a car related accident, where he was also injured. Yoshi, the Donkey, who was rescued alongside Galaxy, ended up becoming his Best Friend and helped him move on to a better mental state. Unfortunately, Yoshi being very old, passed away and Galaxy had to make new friends. Thanks to the dedication of our team, Galaxy has come a long way towards trusting people and building confidence with himself. He’s gotten close with a few of our staff and works well with them. He is turned out in a group of wild giant boys Merlin and Honor and often helps them not be anxious and keep the peace in the group. When a yearling was added to the group Galaxy dubbed himself the older brother and was always Amado’s safe spot when things got too crazy. Though his arthritis keeps him from running and chasing the others, you’ll often find the young ones coming to play with him and keep him company.

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