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Age: Adult
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Appaloosa
Best friend: Hermes

Justice the Appaloosa came from a Texas kill pen as one of 27 Appaloosa’s dumped, ECPR alongside other Rescues were able to Save all of them, with four (Meditation, Sedona, Justice and Liberty) making their way to the Sanctuary, where they’ve been thriving ever since. Justice is a total sweetheart, and you’ll find him with pasture-mate and best friend Hermes, getting up to all sorts of antics! When in his stall this lovable boy likes to entertain his handlers and self by stealing walkie-talkies. Brushes, and touching everything in his reach. A fan of kisses and hugs he is always the first to hang his head out his window to greet you when you come into the barn.

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