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Age: Adult
Gender: Mare
Breed: Draft Cross
Best friend: Sky

A Stunning Black and white mare with a floaty, prancing trot, Kachina is as eye catching as they come! From an auction in Texas, she was brought to the Sanctuary extremely neglected, she was one of the most severely emaciated horses we have rescued. Over time She has shown us just how much personality and love a horse can have and enjoys sharing it with her handlers and volunteers. She isn’t without her quirks though! She also loves to roll in every muddy spot but by some form of magic only the white patches get dirty, so you’ll have an all-black horse by the end of the day! She, like many of our unique horses come with a cool trick or two, Kachina loves to jump and free lunge around the arena keeping a PERFECT circle with her handler responding to verbal and body language ques alike, she will hand you her feet just by asking and is the most magically sweet horse to exist. A classic barn favorite, she is often spoiled with a few more treats than she probably needs.

Arizona 1.JPG


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